Hiking adventure in BiH / 8 days

Recommended for: Everyone
Period: May - November
What to bring: Good shoes and clothing, money for souvenirs
Requirements: Average fitness
Minimum age: 12
Minimum people: 4
Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

DAY 1: Arrival and Sarajevo city tour
Arrival, accomodation and lunch at Baščaršija (Old Town city center).
After lunch, visit to the Old Town center from the 15th century (Baščaršija, Gazi Husref-bey's Mosque, Gazi-Husref-bey's bezistan, Sebilj, City Hall, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Latin bridge – Princip's bridge, Avaz Tower).
Free time. Dinner and overnight stay in Sarajevo.
DAY 2: Hiking tour (Umoljani – Obalj - Lukomir)
After breakfast, departure to Olympic mountain Bjelašnica and trip to village Umoljani. Start of the hiking tour across the mountain Obalj to the highest B&H village, Lukomir.
Through the entire tour you will see beautiful landscapes of mountains Bjelašnica and Visočica. Further we will descend to the village Lukomir, which is recognized as an official cultural landscape and national heritage site of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The hiking tour is medium intensity and it lasts for 4 hours, depending on the tempo. Dinner and overnight stay are organized in our agency's Farmville in Lukomir. Visitors need to bring their own clothing and shoes, as well as additional clothing for change.
DAY 3: Hiking tour (Visočica mountain)
After breakfast, we depart towards Visočica, where our hiking tour starts. Visočica mountain, a natural border along B&H, got its name by the numerous peaks, including Džamija, Veliki Ljeljen and Vito, as its highest ones. Start of the tour on the mountain trail from the Bosnian tomb-stone necropolis to the highest peak, Džamija. Lunch will be organized after reaching the peak, while enjoying the views of Bjelašnica, Prenj, Lukomir, and Rakitnica canyon.
The hiking tour is medium intensity. The tour lasts for 5 hours, depending on the tempo. Dinner and overnight stay at Boračko Lake.
DAY 4: Herzegovina tour (Mostar – Međugorje – Kravice waterfalls – Počitelj - Blagaj)
Breakfast. Departure to Mostar, where we will visit its cultural-historical monuments including: the Old Bridge (UNESCO), Old Town (Kujundžiluk), Kriva ćuprija, Karađoz-bey's mosque, towers Tara and Halebija.
We will then continue to Međugorje, which is famous for the sighting of the apparition of the Virgin Mary and is now a Catholic pilgrimage site. We then depart to Kravice waterfalls – a natural phenomenon, where we will have lunch and free time for taking photos.
On our way back, we will visit the medieval ottoman city of Počitelj, placed on the left bank of Neretva. Arrival to Blagaj, the medieval town located on the Buna River. Dinner at the restaurant next to the Buna river. Return to Konjic and overnight stay.
DAY 5: Hiking tour (Prenj mountain – Herzegovinian Himalayas)
After breakfast, we will go to the starting point – valley Tisovica. From Tisovica, our path leads us through the coniferous forest to the mountain house Vrutak. From there, a marked path leads uphill towards the Prenj peaks Otiš and Zelena Glava, and further leads to the saddle that connects these peaks. Prenj is considered as one of the most attractive mountains in B&H, whose peaks are exciting for hikers who enjoy the enchantment of untouched nature.
Hiking tour is medium intensity. The tour lasts for 5 hours, depending on the tempo.
Dinner and overnight stay in Konjic.
DAY 6: Hiking tour (Čvrsnica mountain)
After breakfast, the participants go to the starting point, Blidinje Nature park. Čvrsnica, „the roof of Herzegovina“, is the highest mountain in Herzegovina. This mountain trail is the most interesting for all hikers and nature lovers in Herzegovina. Hajdučka Vrata ("the Hayduk Gate“) is an exceptional, natural phenomenon of miraculous beauty for all visitors. This is because the Hajdučka Vrata formed through centuries of climate conditions (wind, rain and sun) into a circular opening – a magical ring 5 m in diameter.
Hiking tour is medium intensity. The tour lasts for 5 hours, depending on the tempo.
Dinner and overnight stay in Konjic.
DAY 7: Hiking tour (Skakavac waterfall)
After breakfast, the participants depart to the starting point, the village Nahorevo. From Nahorevo, we climb via mountain trail to the peak Bukovik, which has a fantastic view of Sarajevo. We then descend via forest path to Skakavac waterfall. Due to the rich vegetation and shade of the coniferous forest, this tour is recommended during summer days, as an excellent alternative to a stay in the hot city.
Hiking tour is medium intensity. The tour lasts for 4 hours, depending on tempo.
Dinner and overnight stay in Sarajevo.
DAY 8: Departure
After breakfast, guests depart via organized transport to the International Airport in Sarajevo.


Arrangement includes:
Professional tour guides (English language)
Seven (7) nights / eight (8) days
Overnight stays: twice in Sarajevo, once in Lukomir, once at Boračko lake and thrice in Konjic
Meals with drinks per day (breakfast, lunch / lunch box, dinner)
Hiking tours to mountains Prenj, Visočica, Čvrsnica, Obalj, Skakavac waterfall (licensed guides, equipment – backpacks, hiking sticks)
Tourist visits of the cities: Sarajevo, Konjic, Mostar, Međugorje, Počitelj, Blagaj
Tourist visit to the last bosnian traditional village Lukomir
Tourist visits of the nature park Blidinje and Kravice waterfalls
Organized transport for the activities foreseen with the arrangement
Photos from all the tours
Organization of the entire trip


  1. Sarajevo
  2. Bjelašnica
  3. Umoljani
  4. Lukomir
  5. Visočica
  6. Konjic
  7. Mostar
  8. Međugorje
  9. Počitelj
  10. Blagaj
  11. Prenj
  12. Čvrsnica
  13. BA
  14. Sarajevo International Airport