Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Recommended for: Everyone
  • Period: March - December
  • What to bring: Good shoes and clothings, sunglasses, sun cream, money for souvenirs
  • Level of difficulty: Easy tour
  • Minimum age: Children under 5 with adult supervision
  • Minimum people: 4
  • Duration: 10 days / 9 nights

DAY 1 Arrival and city tour Sarajevo

Arrival. Accommodation at the hotel, lunch.
In the afternoon it`s organized tour in the old town from the 15th century (Bascarsija, Gazi-Husrefbegova`s mosque, Gaza Husrefbegov bezistan, Sebilj, Svrzo`s House, City Hall, Cathedral of the Jesus Heart, Congregational Church, Latin Bridge – Princip`s bridge, Moric`s Han, house of Sevdah, Avaz Tower). Dinner with a view on the city Sarajevo. Overnight in Sarajevo.

DAY 2 Trip to the olympic mountains Igman and Bjelasnica and ethno village Lukomir

Breakfast. By organized transport trip to the mountain Igman. Igman is a popular destination for hiking and skiing. During the 14th Winter Olympics games Igman was the main mountain used for olympic events. Bjelasnica is characterized by temperatures up to 24 ° C, and the lowest to -41 ° C. In summer it is covered with green grass but in the winter it can be 3m high snow there. Bjelasnica is ideal place for rest and recreation with the fresh air during hot summer days. Lunch is organized on mountain Bjelasnica.
After lunch by organized transport visitors go to the village Lukomir, which is ethno village and it`s visited by many tourists, because of its authenticity and the nature that surrounds it.
Anyone who climbes on a small hill above furthermost houses in the village is left breathless by the astonishing view at the long ridge of mountain Visočica whose edge falls steeply into almost 1000 meters deep canyon of river Rakitnica. Lukomir is well known for its traditional clothing, and women still wear knitted garments that used to be worn centuries ago .
Dinner is organized on Lukomir with eco organic offer (local food). Overnight in Sarajevo.

DAY 3 Rafting on the Neretva river – crystal drinkable river

After breakfast participants take equipment and also get theoretical and practical training and demonstrations by the rafting skippers. During the rafting we make a breaks for fotoshooting and sweeming. Continue sailing (shooting, swimming, diving, jumping - all requested by the guests) to the place Ljuta, where we finish rafting. Returning equipment and group go by bus to Boračko lake. Length of rafting trip from Glavaticevo to Konjic takes about 23 km and about 4-5 hours. After lunch by organized transport participants go to hotel. All necessary equipment is ensured for rafting (boats, neoprene suit, helmet, jacket, boots, wind jackets). Participants are required to provide the swimsuit and an extra clothing. Overnight in Konjic.

DAY 4 City tour Konjic, relax sailing on Jablanicko lake

Organized visit to the ARK . (ARK) Atomic war command is the biggest secret of the ex Yugoslavia. Tito`s bunker is situated 280 meters underground. Atomic shelter can withstand a nuclear attack of 20 kilotons. Bunker has an alternative exit that is not on the map, and it goes 170 meters high abov the object on the hill. More than a hundred rooms spread out on a total area of 3000 square meters and there in the case of a nuclear attack could sleep 500 people from political and state leadership of ex Yugoslavia. They could stay in the bunker six months without any contact with the outside world. In addition series of rooms an important place is Tito's luxury residences with five rooms.
Sailing boat tour and lunch on boat at Jablanicko lake. Overnigt in Konjic.

DAY 5 Organized visit to the cities Mostar and Blagaj

Trip to Mostar and accommodation at the hotel, lunch is organized in the old town of Mostar. Tourists will visit cultural and historical monuments: Old Bridge (UNESCO), the old town Kujundziluk, Crooked Bridge, Karađozbeg`s mosque, towers Tara and Halebija, Museum of Herzegovina.
Group visit Blagaj. On the Buna river is a magical town Blagaj. That is medieval town of Hum State from which the mid fifteenth century became today's Herzegovina. From the ruins of the old town or the Tower of Herceg Stjepan, which was built in a strategic position on the rocks above the Buna spring, offers a beautiful panorama of the valley.
Dinner at a restaurant with a view to the Old Bridge. Overnight in Mostar.

DAY 6 Organized visit to the cities Pocitelj and waterfalls Kravice

Breakfast. By organized transport group go to the waterfalls Kravice. Kravice is a natural phenomenon, like Niagara Falls , where the waterfall widths over 150 meters falls from a height 30 meters creating a huge roar and dewy rain. Lunch. Socializing and photographing on the waterfalls.
On the way back it`s organized visit to the medieval ottoman town called Pocitelj, which is located on the left bank of the Neretva river, 30 km from Mostar. At this point King Tvrtko built the fort in 1383 year which the Turks won in 1471. as evidenced by the many monuments of the ottoman period. Overnight in Mostar.

DAY 7 Organized visit to the cities Jajce and Travnik

After breakfast by organized transport group goes to city Jajce. Touristic tour and sailing on Plitvicko lake. Visiting waterfalls and lunch. After lunch by transport group goes to the city Travnik. Touristc tour in old town. Overnight in Sarajevo.

DAY 8 Nature tour to spring of river Bosna

Aftre breakfast in hotel transport to spring of river Bosna. This nature park is great for walk tours and piknik with family. This is untouchable nature park. The moste beautiful is sprint of river Bosna. This spring is on 492m abov sea level under the mountain Igman. This is great place for realxing activities in nature during the summer days. Lunch is organise in nature park. Overnight in Sarajevo.

DAN 9 Shoping day in Sarajevo

After breakfast in hotel transport to the malls for shoping. All day is for shoping and relaxing with tour guide. Overnight in Sarajevo.

DAY 10 Departure

After breakfast, guests depart with organized transport to the International Airport in Sarajevo.



  • Professional tourist guides
  • Nine (9) nights / ten (10) days (hotels 4* - 5*)
  • Meal per day with a drink (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Transport for the activities envisaged by arrangement
  • Rafting on the river Neretva - crystal drinkable river
  • City tours to Sarajevo, Konjic, Mostar, Pocitelj, Blagaj, Travnik, Jajce
  • Tour to ARK (Tito`s bunker), ethno village Lukomir, olympic mountains Igman and Bjelasnica, sailing Jablanicko lake, waterfall Kravice, Plitvicko lake, Boracko lake
  • CD with photos
  • Whole travel organization


  1. Sarajevo
  2. bb
  3. Gornji Lukomir
  4. Glavatičevo
  5. Boračko Lake
  6. Konjic
  7. Lake Jablanica
  8. Mostar
  9. Blagaj
  10. Počitelj
  11. Studenci
  12. Jajce
  13. Travnik
  14. Ilidža
  15. Trebević
  16. Sarajevo International Airport